“The race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the strong… but to those who endure to the end”

Mark Crear, Ph.D., is a certified counselor, performance and mental health coach, motivational speaker, author and Diversity & Inclusion expert. Mark has 15 years of experience working in Multicultural – Diversity & Inclusion, Performance management and higher education. 

Hello! I’m Mark

Rev. Mark Crear, Ph.D., is a dynamic man who is no stranger to exceeding mental & physical challenges at high levels as well as excelling within and helping individuals as well as  institutions overcome the hurdles of life and find get stay In The Zone.

Before jumping any “hurdles” on the track, Mark had plenty of hurdles to jump off. Growing up in a single family home and being a victim of physical and emotional abuse, Crear early on knew that life was not fair and had plenty of reasons and excuses to quit and give up. However, “quitting” was not a part of Dr. Crear’s DNA. Instead, Mark relied on his faith and hard work to carry him from his life of abuse, abandonment, rejection and disappointments, to a two-time Olympic medalist in Track & Field (110 Meter Hurdles).

Mark is a  passionate DEI ambassador, principal strategist, advocate and enforcer with over 15 year’s experience and expertise in Diversity Equity & Inclusion and leadership – organizational & performance coaching .  

Notwithstanding, Dr. Crear is a graduate from the University of Southern California who is known for his exceptional integrity, work ethics, productive constituents’ collaboration and ability to lead, encourage and produce results.

Domains of Mastery: Speaking Keynotes and Events, Transformative Training, and Coaching in Self-Care, Core Values, Workforce Development, and DEI.  


Subject Matter Expert (SME) 

  • Diversity,  Equity & Inclusion
  • Microaggressions & Implicit Biases
  • Cultural Humility, Competency & Sensitivity
  • Youth & Millennial communication
  • Organizational & Change Mgmt
  • Motivational Management
  • Strategic planning 
  • Resiliency, Leadership & Executive Coaching

I Work With Individuals, Groups, Teams & Business Organizations

Counseling & Coaching

Sometimes in life, we “False Start” and are thrown off track. Whether it’s something that has happened to you… or something you have done yourself… the feelings of betrayal disappointment and guilt can easily cause one to lose their focus and find themselves stuck in a place of “Now What”.  You’re not alone!  Dr. Mark will assist you in Healing and Recovery. Confidential One-on-One, couple and Family  sessions are available. Click here for more info

Keynotes & Presentations

Hurdles are an inevitable part of our lives. Whether its  relationship, personal or business related… there is one sure guarantee: life is full of hurdles and obstacles to overcome. The key is learning how to overcome these hurdles and succeed.  Mark’s personal message is the inspiration for his In The Zone Performance Training seminar & Overcoming Hurdlers Keynote are designed to help you Find – Get – Stay… In The Zone. Click here for more info 

Training & Development

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training is imperative for a successful Business. Dr. Mark is an expert in DE&I Training.  Likewise, How would you like to master the art of resiliency and succeed in high-pressure situations? Your success hinges on your ability to recover, remain focused, stay energized and show up motivated every day.  In The Zone Training teaches you to find focus, identify your goals, track your progress and stay motivated.   Click here for more info

"Dr. Crear reminds us to be Color Bless, not Color Blind and Faith Focus & Forgiveness is the key to Racial Reconciliation and Healing"

Janet Regal, NIH

"Coaching with Dr. Mark changed my life. Mark's lessons gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work."

Lisa Dowen, CPO

"POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE describes the training that Dr. Mark presented to our Company. "

Ben Johnson, CEO

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