"The Race is Not Given To The Swift, Nor The Battle To The Strong...
But To Those Who Endure To The End"

Corporate Audience



With extensive real world experience in business and management, leadership keynote speaker Mark Crear has given literally hundreds of presentations helping groups and individuals overcome their mental barriers to success.  His professional and corporate clients describe him as a dynamic leadership speaker who combines solid content with humor, stories and interaction, creating presentations that educate as well as motivate.

Dr. Crear’s programs are energizing, yet grounded in an authentic, no-nonsense style, enabling him to connect with even the most skeptical audience members resistant to hype.  

Mark Crear is an in-demand speaker for companies, trade associations, sales teams, government agencies and non-profits. Whether you’re looking for a leadership coach to enhance your group’s skills, or just want a leadership keynote speaker to kick off your meeting, Mark will ensure all participants have a great time while acquiring tools that will further develop their personal and professional lives.

In summary, Mark’s engaging approach drives participants to… Find…Get… and Stay in the Zone. 

Youth Audience


Mark has helped hundreds of thousands of teens reach their full potential. During his motivational school assemblies and conference keynotes, he quickly connects with students and gets them laughing, while delivering powerful messages about resilience, unity and making good choices.

In addition to being a leadership keynote speaker, Mark is a well-known leadership coach, teaching an array of workshops that raise the skill   level of students. He facilitates student leadership conferences all over North America and boasts most of the major national student organizations as his clients. Whether you’re looking for a leadership speaker to kick off your conference, a motivational school assembly or simply a powerful leadership workshop speaker to facilitate breakout sessions, Mark is sure to bring out the best in your students.

Mark’s ability to connect with the audience of teens is a rare gift and is one you don’t want your group to miss.

Gospel (Church) Audience


Pastor Mark’s faith-based messages have encouraged numerous
 churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations across America.

Dr. Mark Crear reminds us that STORMS are inevitable part of life. For some, it is a constant drizzle that erodes the spirit. For others, it is a direct hit from a lightning bolt which comes out of nowhere and changes your life forever. Or perhaps it is like a hurricane that you know is coming but can do nothing to stop it. It is these very storms that have made Mark’s life a compelling story as well as an inspiration to others. As he shares   the defining moments of his life, you may find yourself laughing with joy one minute, and wiping away tears the next. Ultimately, his message is about conquering the storms and getting  through them; by applying Faith... Focus... and Forgiveness.

Mark’s dynamic keynotes & workshops are custom designed to fit the theme and mission of his Clients

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