"The Race is Not Given To The Swift, Nor The Battle To The Strong...
But To Those Who Endure To The End"

Benefits of Mark Crear’s Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes:
Learn to excel in the face of adversity
• Acquire specific techniques for managing difficult situations.
• Learn to use humor to maintain perspective and composure.
• Increase motivation.
• Boost morale.
• Set a great tone for your meeting or staff/group development program.

What Mark will bring as your motivational speaker:
• Years of experience on stage... from classrooms - boardrooms - to the playing field
• Rich, practical information and content
• A customized presentation specific to your staff and/or event theme
• High energy and entertainment
• Excellent service provided to you

Finding Resiliency in the face of adversity

Resilience is the process of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences. Resilient people overcome adversity, bounce back from setbacks, and can thrive under extreme, on-going pressure.

Discover how to recover from experiences stronger.
If you truly want to handle non-stop pressure and constant change easier and better, then get the Resiliency course for yourself right now! You will learn specific strategies to quickly and easily recover from any problem or setback--no matter how small or how large--in such a way that you will come out far ahead.

When you are resilient you enjoy many advantages over less resilient people. You avoid having a self-defeating "victim" reaction that you see in so many others during difficult times.

Your personal resiliency learning course emphasizes how to be deeply resilient when pressured to get more work done, in new ways, in less time, with fewer people and reduced budgets while wondering if your job is safe. If you've lost your job, it will show you how to cope well, bounce-back, and even convert the experience into a positive life event.

In The Zone
Find…Get and Stay In The Zone.

In The Zone Performance Training’s dynamic 5-step action plan is designed to assist individuals, companies and corporations to Find…Get and Stay In The Zone. In The Zone Performance Training methodology (The 5 P’s) addresses the importance of finding your “Purpose.”  In

In The Zone Performance Training serves all individuals and companies that desire to maintain the edge they need to excel and improve the consistency of their performance in the face of intense competition, pressure, expectations and demand.

  • STOP beating yourself… up!
  • Uncover the attitudes & behaviors that are stunting your (organization’s) performance.
  • Reveal the triggers that can help you find, get and stay in the zone!
  • Learn how to overcome hurdles and develop a championship attitude.
  • Build and Maintain Motivation within Yourself.

How do you thrive and balance a thriving career and still enjoy a healthy personal life?

For one reason or another, we often find ourselves getting out of balance. Commitments to partners, parenting, career and ministry (church) are all necessary ingredients to fulfill our purpose. All these commitments can take their rightful place in a whole life rather than competing against each other. This presentation will identify techniques that will result in a healthier life-work balance and greater sense of control and peace of mind.

Using relatable stories and surprising research, Mark gives audiences practical tools for excelling at work when there is more to do and less time to do it. You will learn how to:

• Say “yes” to what matters by saying “no” more often.

• Identify “busy stress traps” and other time-management dilemmas.

• Make time for the people and activities that nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

The concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any team (group or organization). Teamwork and unselfishness create the backbone of a great team, without them a team cannot realistically compete. The team working as one cohesive unit is going to be the key in their success.

A productive team has players that share common goals, a common vision and have some level of interdependence that requires both verbal and physical interaction. Teams come into existence through shared attitudes about a particular sport. They may come together for a number of different reasons, but their goals are the same - to achieve peak performance and experience success. The ends may differ but the means by which one gets there is the same - teamwork. Every member of the team is accountable when it comes to teamwork.

Mark’s dynamic keynotes & workshops are custom designed to fit the theme and mission of his Clients

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